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How to tag your hetalia because some people don’t do it right

- APH (country name here) This is the most common way of tagging.
- Human names. Some countries have official human names, you can view them here. But keep in mind that sometimes spellings vary in the fandom.

Not OK
Country names

Why Can’t I tag as (country name) ?
Out of respect for non-hetalians. Most people who venture into their country’s tag aren’t looking for some hardcore smut of your OTP, they probably just wanted to look at scenery or to find something related to current events in their country. And tagging with a country name is just seen as spam, and makes the fandom look bad.

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ok someone needs to tell marvel to stop spending money on air time for promoting their movies. just use the internet. and by that i mean there needs to be an official marvel vine account where there are 6 second in-character videos. can we please

wait somebody get markruffalo in here you know he’ll help

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bioshock is really just a game about being a dad and meeting other dads and sometimes beating up other dads 

Silent Hill is really just a game about a dad realizing his true duty as a dad and going on a dad mission

Dishonored is about realizing you’re the only dad in the world so you become powerdad and destroy anyone else’s chances of possibly being a dad